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Our primary focus since 2016 has been surrounding Lithium and the production of high purity battery grade lithium carbonate and hydroxide.

TVR Announces a Funding and Technology Partnership with Ensorcia

TVR is delighted to announce that it has today signed an agreement with Ensorcia Metals Corporation that provides significant funding for the formation of a joint venture in the EV space as well as for the production of development of the V8-engined Griffith through its affiliate Ensorcia Automotive. Work on future powertrain alternatives has already commenced, along side development of the TVR product family beyond the Griffith Launch Edition.

Sorcia Minerals Adds New Salar for its Lithium Exploration in Chile

Sorcia signed an agreement with RJR Salar to explore lithium reserves in 9,000 hectares in the...

SORCIA Minerals Earns Lithium Rights In The Salar De Maricunga, Chile

SORCIA has reached an agreement for over 2000 hectares to exploit lithium with innovative...


Sorcial Minerals and the University of Santiago announce the signing of a R+D+I agreement in the...

El Mercurio

Planta De Litio De Empresa De EE.UU. Y Enami Iniciaria Operaciones A Fines De 2019

Chairman of Ensorcia Metals announces scholarship program in Chile

Daniel Layton, Chairman of Ensorcia Metals and Sorcia Minerals, announces scholarship program in...


Enami se une firma minera estadounidense para potenciar la mineria no metelica

BN Americas

Enami signs agreement for the development of added value of lithium

Mineria Chilena

Ensorcia Metals Invertire US$450M En Plantas De Carbonato De Litio En Argentina y Chile


Ensorcia Metals Invertir� US$450M En Plantas De Carbonato De Litio En Argentina y Chile

America Economia

Chilena Enami Suscribe Acuerdo Tecnologico Con Estadounidense Sorcia Minerals Para Desarrollo Del...

El Cronista

Grupo Internacional Lanza Inversion De U$S 400 Millones Para Industrializar Litio