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Ensorcia Metals Corporation


Sustainable Lithium Extraction

Revolutionary Technology



Our technology is truly game changing in terms of sustainability and efficiency.

Ensorcia knows that protecting the climate begins with the extraction and production process. That is why our technology will revolutionize the industry and make our product “truly clean”.


Clean Extraction

Our physical footprint is close to non-existent; Our technology removes the need for ground water consumption.

Through re-injection we leave no waste salt deposits like traditional evaporation ponds.

clean lithium extraction

Eliminates Evaporation Ponds

Our technology allows for the countries and areas in which we operate to breathe a literal breath of fresh air.  By eliminating evaporation ponds and being near carbon neutral, we can not only protect the climate, but also drinking water in the communities where we produce. 

We want our clients to be able to sell and use a product that they know came from a climate and community conscious company. The product they use to power their newest vehicle or cellphone has helped our global effort to save our planet from extraction to delivery.

eliminates evaporation ponds

Reduced Production of Lithium Chloride

Our technology reduces the production of Lithium Chloride cycle to 3 hours versus 18 months for evaporation ponds. This improves lithium extraction efficiency to 75-90% versus evaporation ponds' 30-40%.

reduced production of lithium chloride

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