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Sorcia Minerals Utilizes Green Lithium Extraction Technology

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As environmental concerns continue to drive the demand for eco-friendly technology, the demand for raw materials which powers these technologies also increases. Investing in this type of technology now could prove to have huge returns later on.


From electric vehicles to smartphones and computers, batteries are becoming ubiquitous with our digital and technological tools. Lithium, a mineral mainly found in salt flats of South America, is a critical component to batteries.

Lithium batteries hold the power to transform our technology to a green and sustainable method of powering our devices, but what about the process of obtaining lithium?

Direct Lithium Extraction

Direct Lithium Extraction is an innovative creation of Dr. John Burba of International Battery Metals that uses a radical engineering concept to produce high quality lithium with a deep consideration for the environment.

Selective Absorption technology powers this method by rejecting impurities while extracting lithium from the salar brine water. Direct Lithium Extraction delivers a more efficient and higher quality yield of lithium in a low-cost method.

In addition to these benefits, Direct Lithium Extraction utilizes a mobile plant setup which uses a smaller space than other methods. The lithium extracted from the mobile plant is transported via truck to the fixed plant, where the lithium is processed, engineered and converted into energy for electromobility.

The lithium that is extracted in the South American salt flats will also be available to be distributed to the major world markets.

What's even better is that 90% of the brine water is reinjected into the salt flat, so the consumption of groundwater is greatly reduced, protecting the water supply of the nearby populace.

It's also worth mentioning that Direct Lithium Extraction has higher recovery rates than traditional methods, so on top of being better for the environment, it's better for business and investors.

Direct Lithium Extraction Process

Conventional Lithium Extraction

Traditional methods of extracting lithium are infamous for lacking a consciousness for their environmental impact, especially in the salt flats of South America.

Hard Rock (Spodumene) Mining

Rock Mining (1)

Spodumene mining is a process that uses standard mining techniques: digging for rocks in the Earth to extract specific minerals that are used in a variety of applications.

These methods are invasive and can destroy the landscape of an area larger than the mine itself. Moreover, the detrimental effects on the environment continue even after the mine shuts down.

Salar Brine Evaporation

Another traditional method of extracting lithium is the brine water evaporation method, which involves pumping ground water (which contains lithium) into shallow pools so that they can be evaporated.

Salar Salt Stack (1)

The result is a salty compound which is processed to extract lithium. While this method produces lithium, it creates problems for the local inhabitants in the desert regions where water is already scarce.

Outside of endangering water supply, residual salts are simply left piled up and scattered around the salar as a byproduct of the process.

The Future of Energy is Green

As time goes on, it will only become more evident that our sources of energy will need to be updated to fit a more sustainable and eco-friendly model, not only in lithium extraction but in business and currency as well, even cryptocurrency coins such as LITH Token align with the push green and sustainable energy in our future.

Society drives the growing concern for our planet's health, and businesses must react in order to fulfill the needs and concerns of their clientele. 

With global lithium demand rising, Direct Lithium Extraction is the engineered innovation in the lithium industry needed not only to satisfy lithium demand, but to satisfy the needs of an environmentally-conscious society.

Investing in Sustainable Mining

Becoming an investor in this new innovation means being a catalyst to the future of clean and renewable energy.

Traditional mining companies have a reputation for destroying the environment, but Direct Lithium Extraction proves that you can have both environmental sustainability and a profitable way to power technology.

Sustainability in the extraction of lithium is one of the main problems that is hindering the lithium revolution, which is clearly showcased by the way the indigenous people's land in Chile has been jeopardized by the aggressive mining needed for lithium extraction. That is why The LITH Token and Ensorcia Metals have partnered for a sustainable, ESG investing future.

The Lith Token and Ensorcia Metals Indigenous peoples initiative (IPI)

As we move into this future of clean energy, the only question to ask ourselves is whether or not we want to be in front of this movement or lagging behind.

If you're ready to take the next step in understanding Direct Lithium Extraction or the Lithium market, click below and let's continue the conversation.

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About Ensorcia Metals

Ensorcia Metals Corporation is a private corporation formed to acquire, to license and to develop the most advanced proprietary technologies and facilities available in the metals industry today.

Working in partnership with some of the most recognized scientists and companies in the world, Ensorcia is altering the dynamics of the supply chain – accelerating commercialization of mining projects and providing end user customers with access to a steady supply of high quality product.

Ensorcia works with governments, private companies and mineral owners alike to extract and process the raw materials and produce the highest quality finished products in the fastest, most economic, safe and environmentally responsible manner possible today. 


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